Looking for a Good Vape?

OVNS YNG is a compact and convenient disposable vape, with 2.0ml pre-filled pod and 5% salt nicotine strength, it supports the max 500 puffs. OVNS YNG definitely is the best choice!

The OVNS YNG disposable vape are currently available in 7 flavors.

1.Tropical mango
2.Mighty mint
3.Lush ice
5.Cuban tobacco
7.Orange Soda

Why This Vape Fits for Lady?

Ovns YNG is the latest disposable vape that uses microelectronics and atomization technology to extract juice raw materials from natural fruits. When it burns, its taste is almost unintentional with real fruit. Standing at 92.5 mm with a diameter of 14 mm, but the weight is very light (25g) almost no weight,it is a vape that will easily fit inside your pocket, can be held in your hand very lightly.

The pipe utilizes a stainless steel shell, which is done to maintain the freshness and corrosiveness of the oil. The color of the spray paint on the outer shell is bright and vibrant, and the color corresponds to its taste. It is easy to find the taste you like. Exquisite body, nice hand feeling, smooth and comfortable like silk in the hand. Similarly, the drip tip part is made of food-grade PC material, which can be safely clamped in the lips. Easy to operate, tear the plastic wrap, remove the two silicon plugs from the top and the bottom.

How’s the Vape Performance?

One shocking feature of OVNS YNG is that it uses the latest technology to extract e-juice from natural fruits and plants. Not only has the taste reduction degree of 100%, compared with ordinary tobacco, it greatly reduces the toxic substances produced during combustion. Therefore, it can satisfy the vapor’s smoking while reducing the damage.

OVNS YNG has about 500 puffs and is fruity. It is a disposable vape that is more suitable for women to enjoy.

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