The Hyper X is the future of disposable vapes,Like the Lamborghini in the sports car world.

7ml pre-filled pod with 2% salt nicotine strength, it supports the max 2200 puffs.

The OVNS Hyper X disposable are currently available in 10 flavors


1.Peach Mango Watermelon

2.Pina Colada

3.Blue Razz Ice

4.Pineapple Ice

5.Guava Ice

6.Aloe Grape

7.Sour Apple

8.Strawberry Banana

9.Banana Ice

10.Pink Lemonade

Build Quality and Design

OVNS Hyper X is a rechargeable disposable vape that can support vape tricks. It is cylindrical as a whole, with a flat duckbill at the drip tip, which fits your lips more comfortably. It has a height of 105mm and a diameter of 23mm, which is larger than a general disposable vape. Only in this way can it support its 2200+ big mouth puffs.

How Oil-COIL Separation Technology Affect Disposable Vape

The coil of e-cigarettes is the atomization of e-juice. Therefore, the quality of e-juice and the atomization equipment are the top priorities.  Oil-coil Separation technology byOvns R&D LABis an absolute innovation in e-juice quality and lifetime guarantee. It is different from the traditional disposable vape integrated structure or internal blocking type isolation structure. Realize the complete separation of e-juice and atomization core. Ovns R&D lab adopted the oil core separation technology this time to fundamentally solve the oil leakage problem.

Best Performance Disposable Vape

Hyper X has a high-power battery of 1000mAh, which produces a greater airflow when smoking, which can directly achieve the result of lung suction.

High-quality taste reduction, silky and smooth big smoke. Each feature describes the difference between hyper X and other disposable vapes, so it is the only product that can play vape tricks on the disposable vape.

Unparalleled large puffs, the number of puffs 2200+. Generally, there are few disposable vapes that reach large puffs when they reach large smoke. Hyper X breaks this model and maintains the persistence of the number of mouths while ensuring large smoke.