Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.



Disposable vapes are usually small, lightweight devices that resemble cigarettes and use a pre-filled cartridge filled with e-liquid. They don’t require any setup or maintenance, making them a great choice for people who are new to vaping. They are also perfect for those who are looking for a convenient, mess-free way to vape. Most disposable vapes contain between 0mg to 50mg of nicotine per milliliter, with 0mg, 20mg and 50mg being common. The number of puffs a disposable vape will last for depends on the size of the device and the amount of e-liquid it contains. Generally, a disposable vape can last anywhere from 200puffs to 10000 puffs.

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