disposable vape

Disposable Vape of a Slim Body with Gig Clouds


OVNS Plus is a delicate disposable pod kit with a slim body. 3.5ml pre-filled pod with 5% salt nicotine strength, it supports the max 800 puffs.

The OVNS Plus disposable are currently available in 10 flavors


  1. Mint
  2. Colar
  3. Banana Ice
  4. Pineapple
  5. Lychee Ice
  6. Guava Ice
  7. Pink Lemon
  8. Grape Ice
  9. Lush Ice
  10. Butter Tobacco

Build-In Quality and Design

The OVNS PLUS is a slim disposable electronic cigarette. Its overall shape is cylindrical. From an ergonomic point of view, it gradually becomes a flat shape at the cigarette holder, which fits the lips more closely. They are 103 mm in height and have almost no weight (approximately 26 grams). They are small and light, It is a disposable vape that can be easily smoked between the lips.

The smoke tube uses a stainless steel tube shell to prevent the corrosiveness of the oil. The outer layer is in the form of baking varnish. Each flavor has a different color corresponding to it, the color is bright, the hand feels smooth, this is the appearance and comfort coexist of disposable vape. For the vape drip tip, we use PC material, which meets the food-grade standard. We install a soft plug in the mouthpiece, which can be sucked after being removed.


Although OVNS PLUS only has a small body, it has big clouds like other high-power disposable vape. Its taste reduction degree reaches 99%, and the throat feel is very strong. A non-rechargeable device with a petite body, its overall effect is still impressive! There is no burnt smell and no embarrassment of oil leakage. It is the proudest technology of the OVNS R&D team.

OVNS PLUS its mouth count should be about 800 puffs. There is no exact count because everyone’s intake is different. But it can guarantee you a day’s smoking. This OVNS PLUS is a decent choice for your daily vaping.