This is a topic that has been debated since the advent of e-cigarettes. Are disposable e-cigarettes really safe? First, let’s introduce what an electronic cigarette is. It is a non-combustion substitute for cigarettes. The principle is to heat the atomizer to turn the e-liquid containing nicotine salt into steam, which is consumed by smokers. Recently, some high-end laboratories from all over the world have also released many reports on e-cigarettes.

The material safety

Usually, disposable vape is made of stainless steel, and the cigarette holder is made of food-grade PC material, and its shape and length are similar to ordinary cigarettes. Each disposable vape has a storage room that can hold different concentrations of liquid nicotine, which is an oil tank. It is powered by a lithium battery, which makes it feel like a real cigarette when used by smokers. However, e-cigarettes do not need to be ignited by an open flame, and will not produce a large amount of rdinary tobacpungent gas and tar when burning like ordinary smoke. (The tar of traditional cigarettes cannot be decomposed by the human body).

Less nicotine and no tar

The nicotine content of tobacco is fixed, and the nicotine in e-cigarettes is an added ingredient, which can be adjusted to different concentrations. The burning of ordinary tobacco will produce a large number of solid particles that cannot be decomposed, such as pm2.5, which adhere to the throat, trachea, lungs, and other parts. Continuous accumulation causes harm to the human body, and electronic cigarette technology produces liquid particles that can be decomposed by the human body to absorb or eliminate them, and basically no harm to the particles.There is no tar produced when e-cigarettes are smoked. And studies have shown that the content of chemical substances in e-cigarettes does not exceed 4000, which is why e-cigarettes have not been issued a smoking ban.

Cheaper than traditional cigarettes

Many countries and regions have implemented or are considering substantial increases in tobacco taxes. The cost of using e-cigarettes is much lower than that of traditional cigarettes. For example, after April 2009, the United States raised the federal tobacco tax from 39 cents to $1.01, resulting in an increase in the overall price of cigarettes in the United States. In China, tobacco implements a strict national monopoly system, and the emergence of electronic cigarettes has torn a hole in this airtight industry system. Some smokers should use e-cigarettes so that they can have a lower price and still get the feel of nicotine and cigarettes. This will be an option for addictive nicotine replacement therapy.

In addition, unlike cigarette butts, the materials of e-cigarettes are basically made of plastic and are recyclable. Compared with traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes are a very environmentally friendly product. Therefore, the harm of electronic cigarettes is much smaller than that of traditional tobacco.

Of course, both traditional tobacco and e-cigarettes have nicotine content. It is an addictive chemical substance, and you must carefully consider your choice.