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Egypt legalizes vaping products


The Egyptian vaping industry applauds local authorities’ decision to allow the import and commercialization of vaping products. Egypt has a high smoking rate, and adult smokers are gradually switching from smoking to vaping as a way to quit or reduce harm. The country is also known for fake goods, and the e-cigarette market is no exception.

Since 2015, the Ministry of Health has prohibited the sale, distribution, and import of vaping product in the country, citing a 2011 decision by the Technical Committee on Drugs. The ban has resulted in a plethora of illegal vaping shops across the country selling e-cigarettes and their accessories, which are frequently smuggled into the country. Last year, Egypt’s House of Representatives Industry Committee passed new legislation to prohibit local or global counterfeit brands and products, imposing harsh penalties on producers.

Egypt joined other Arab markets after the ban was lifted, including neighboring Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.  “the lifting of the ban underscores the Egyptian authorities’ progressive approach to e-cigarettes, and by meeting the national legal age (adult) consumer’s interest in easy access to e-cigarettes demand for high-quality products, laying the foundation for the creation of a regulated market with substantial business opportunities.”

The Egyptian authorities’ decision reflects their commitment to supporting legitimate businesses in the country while combating illicit trade in these products, in line with our growing presence in a growing number of global markets