Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

How To Vape How to Vape Kits v.s. Disposable Vape


The major difference betweenvape kits and disposable vape pens is the convenience of use. Vape kits require the user to assemble and fill their device with e-juice, as well as adjust the settings as needed. This also requires a lot more knowledge about vaping, and the user must be familiar with components such as ohms and wattage. On the other hand,disposable vape pens are ready-to-go, requiring minimal effort from the user as the device is already pre-filled and assembled. This makes them easier to use and more convenient for people who are new to vaping or who don’t want to bother learning more about components and settings.

For the vape kits, you may need to start your vape through the following steps:

1. Make sure your device is fully charged.
2. Fill your tank with e-liquid.
3. Install the coil into the tank.
4. Wait a few minutes for the coil to saturate with e-juice.
5. Prime the coil for a few seconds by taking a draw without activating the device.
6. Turn on the device.
7. Set the wattage or power setting of your device.
8. Take a slow, steady draw from your device and inhale the vapor.
9. When done, turn off the device and store it properly.


But for disposable vape users, all you need to do is unbox your device and take out the device. Put it on your mouth and vape. It’s very easy to do that, no need any vape knowledge.


How to do the vape tricks?

Here are some regular vape tricks you may interested. And if you want to learn with videos, you can check out some channels of KOLs in vaping industry. Baemikel and Wowdiamond. By the way, they are our branding partners too. Start your vape tricks with most suitable OVNS disposable vape, and you may be impressed by its performance and convenience.
1. The French Inhale – Slowly inhale the vapor from your device and then slowly release it from your mouth and inhale again through your nose.
2. The Ghost Inhale – Inhale vapor from your device and hold it in your mouth. Quickly open your mouth and exhale the vapor into the air and then quickly inhale it back into your mouth.
3. The Dragon – Inhale vapor from your device and hold it in your mouth. Breathe the vapor out of both sides of your mouth forming a “dragon’s head.”
4. Vapor Bubble – Inhale vapor from your device and hold it in your mouth. Stretch your cheeks open and exhale the vapor into a bubble.
5. The Kraken – Inhale vapor from your device and hold it in your mouth. Put your hands together and exhale the vapor between your hands.


How to do the vape tricks with a disposable vape?

You can do vape tricks with a disposable vape. They are similar to the tricks you would do with a vape kit, but may require a bit more practice due to the smaller size and less adjustable settings. Here are some recommended OVNS disposable vapes. OVNS IQ7700, OVNS TI10000, OVNS DC5000. They are all trending disposable vape with bigger vapour and e liquid capacity, which are designed for DTL.