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Is OVNS Vape Safe? Here’s everything you need to know.


Many vapers are curious to find out if OVNS vapes, the disposable vape devices, are bad for their health. OVNS is a good choice for new and experienced vapers in search of a convenient and easy vaping experience. But recently, there have been numerous reports raising alarms about the potential hazards of disposable vape devices, causing many to query if OVNS vape safe?

If you are keen to try out a disposable device to quit smoking but are worried about possible health risks, here is some information to help you make an informed decision. BEST OVNS DISPOSABLE VAPE IN 2023


Is OVNS Vape Dangerous?

If you are typing “Is OVNS bad for you?” in google, then you have likely expressed concerns about the safety of our product. To answer this question we must first consider why disposable vape devices are available in the first place. Primarily, they are meant to aid smokers in making a successful transition to vaping.


Vaping significantly reduces the risks associated with smoking, as was determined by the PHE in a study that showed that it is at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, vaping has been demonstrated to be the most successful tool for quitting smoking, helping an estimated 5 million people worldwide to quit.


We have to admit that no products 100% safe, so do the vapes. However, vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes, and most people do not report any severe side-effects from vaping devices. The reams of data in favour of the safety of vaping as a smoking cessation aid boggles the mind that the media still persists in creating controversy. However, it seems to be a characteristic of our current click-bait news narrative. To be frank, using vape disposables to switch away from cigarettes is a good choice for your health.


Vaping may cause some side-effects, but they are generally mild and not something to be overly concerned about.
OVNS Vape side effects include:

  • dry mouth/throat
  • cough
  • nausea
  • mouth and throat irritation
  • headaches
  • shortness of breath.


However, a study published in the Cochrane Library indicated these side-effects are mild and generally not serious.


How’s the OVNS Vape Factory? Is it safe to use OVNS vape devices?


Shenzhen OVNS Technology Co., Ltd., built in 2020, is a professional company focus on disposable vape and CBD vape devices. Its factory is located in Shenzhen, covering an area of 9000+ square meters, and is equipped with over 600 personnel and more than 20 production lines. We have a comprehensive production and manufacturing base that integrates standardized workshops, intelligent storage systems, automated production lines and traceable quality control throughout the process to ensure high-quality and safe products and services. It must be pointed out that all OVNS vape pen is made according to the newest ISO1900 rules to make sure the safety and quality of product.


At OVNS, our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and excellent service, and we always adhere to the business philosophy of “Service First & Quality First “.


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