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Egypt legalizes vaping products

Egypt legalizes vaping productsThe Egyptian vaping industry applauds local authorities' decision to allow the import and commercialization of vaping products. Egypt has a high smoking rate, and adult smokers are gradually switching from smoking to vaping as a way to quit or reduce harm. The country

The Benefits of E cigs in Terms of Harm Reduction and Smoking Cessation

The UK government has updated its smoking cessation guidelines, emphasizing the benefits of e cigs in terms of harm reduction and smoking cessation.Is It Hard to Quit Smoking on Your Own? The British Office of Health Improvement and Disparities, according to the British government's official websit

UK-US study shows Vaping rumors and toxic tweets are discouraging smokers from quitting

Studies have shown that quitting smoking is difficult, but social media seems to make the process even harder.

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SIRIM Creditation is Required in Malaysia for E-cigarette Manufacturers and Importers

Malaysia's federal government has issued the "E-Cigarette Product Description (Certification and Labeling) Order 2022," which states that beginning August 3, 2022, all e-cigarettes/ vaping products, whether locally manufactured or imported, must apply for SIRIM certification.

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