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The Benefits of E cigs in Terms of Harm Reduction and Smoking Cessation


The UK government has updated its smoking cessation guidelines, emphasizing the benefits of e cigs in terms of harm reduction and smoking cessation.

Is It Hard to Quit Smoking on Your Own?

The British Office of Health Improvement and Disparities, according to the British government’s official website, has modified the smoking cessation guidelines for doctors.
According to reports, 52.7 percent of smokers in the UK wish to quit, however the smoking cessation rate is extremely low if smokers rely solely on their own willpower. To this aim, doctors’ expert advice is more necessary, and assisting smokers in the scientific use of smoking cessation aids can greatly improve the smoking cessation rate.

It’s worth noting that under the chapter on smoking, this guide stresses the harm reduction and smoking cessation potential of e cigs to doctors.

E cigs Have Considerable Impact on E cigs Cessation

It’s worth noting that the part on smoking cessation aid in this guide also promotes the harm reduction and smoking cessation potential of e cigs to clinicians. Doctors will perhaps have a better understanding of e cigs.

E cigs have a considerable influence on smoking cessation, according to a growing body of studies. For example, in its review research report published in 2021, the Cochrane Collaboration, an international authoritative academic organization for evidence-based medicine, stated that e cigs have the effect of smoking cessation, and that the success rate of smoking cessation is the result of nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine-free e cigs, and other methods, which may have double effection.