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What are the structural components of Pod System Devices?


Although Pod System Devices are available in a variety of styles and brands, a typical e-cigarette consists of 3 main components: the pipe that holds the nicotine solution, the vaporizing device, and the battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery bar and turns the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a mist, giving the user a smoking-like sensation as they inhale. It can even be flavored with chocolate, mint, and other flavors to suit the individual’s preference. Here are some answers.

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Cigarette sticks


Cigarette sticks

The internal construction of the stem uses the same basic components: a light PCBA board, a rechargeable battery, and various electronic circuits. Most Pod System Devices use lithium-ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the number of uses, and the operating environment. There are also many different battery charger types available, such as direct socket chargers, car chargers, and USB port chargers. The battery is the largest component of an electronic cigarette. Some e-cigarettes use an electronic airflow sensor to activate this heating element, which causes the battery circuit to work as soon as a puff is taken. Manual induction requires the user to press a button and then smoke. Pneumatic ones are easier to use and the manual circuit is relatively more stable and produces a better smoke than pneumatic ones. With the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers have started to develop fully automatic mechanical manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, eliminating the use of manual own wiring, welding, or electronic, to achieve higher safety and reliability.



Generally speaking, the cartridge is the mouthpiece part, while some factories glue the atomizer together with the cartridge or vape oil to make a disposable atomizer in response to customer demand. The advantage of this is that the taste and smoke volume of Pod System Devices can be greatly improved, while the quality is more consistent. Because atomizers are the easiest to break, traditional e-cigarettes have a single atomizer that breaks down within days. By having the factory professional fill the liquid, it avoids the problem of filling too much or too little liquid by yourself which causes the liquid to back up into your mouth or flow into the battery part to corrode the circuit, and the amount of stored smoke oil is also more than the average cigarette cartridge, and the sealing performance is good, so it lasts longer than any other cartridge. This technology is now only available in very few brands. The construction of the atomizer is a heated component, which is heated by the battery power, causing the vapor to evaporate next to it, creating smoke and giving the effect of ‘swallowing the clouds’ when you smoke.


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