WARNING: This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

OVNS Hyper X

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OVNS Hyper X

Only vape pod can play big tricks? No! The Hyper X is the future of disposable vapes. It delivers all the performance that you’d expect from a pod mod, utilizing OVNS’s unique SaltNic e-juice formula for a flavor-filled, high-density battery and rechargeable system ensuring the sustaining ultra-satisfying experience. We have 10 flavors to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit your taste and can expect great flavor and a gratifying puff of vapor each time you use it (For MTL& DTL People). Try once, and you will love it!


  • 0.8Ω Mesh Coil
  • 2% Nicotine Salt Strength
  • Integrated 1000mAh Battery
  • Unique SaltNic e-juice formula
  • 10 flavors optional
  • Requires no assembly
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1.Peach Mango Watermelon
Refresh yourself with this amazing freshly ripened sweet and juicy watermelon

2. Pina Colada
The fantastic flavor of coconut and pineapple.

3.Blue Razz Ice
A smooth juicy and sweet blend of wild blueberries with just the perfect amount of sour from the freshly picked raspberries.

4. Pineapple Ice
Freshly cut, sweet pineapple flavor mixed with icy menthol

5. Guava Ice
A tart grapefruit explosion with an exotic Guava taste to round it off perfectly.

6. Aloe Grape
Takes you into a sweet journey of summer with mouth-watering aloe and luscious sweet grape./span>

7. Sour Apple
A firm favorite, crisp, tart green apples, squeeze for all their juicy goodness.

8. Strawberry Banana
The classic fruit combination! Equal parts juicy strawberry and creamy banana.

9. Banana Ice
Rich and sweet banana flavor with a cool menthol exhale.

10. Pink Lemonade
The flavor gives a humble taste of lemonade with a brief touch of berries.


Product Type:Disposable Vape Pen
Product Name:Hyper X
Puff Numberabout 2200 puffs
E-Juice Capacity:7 ml (pre-filled/ empty)
Salt Nic Strength:2%
Coil:0.8Ω (Nickel-chromium wire)
Size(mm):∅23; H=105.4
Material:Shell: PC
Tank: PCTG
Atomizer Capacity:7.0ml
Use:Direct use after unpacking
Battery:Model:17350 (1000 mA, 5A discharge)
Output Power:12.7-17w
Output Voltage:Battery voltage 3.5 and above
Output Current:4.6A
Heating Wire Range:0.7~2Ω

1.Peach Mango Watermelom
2.Pina Colada
3.Blue Razz Ice
4.Pineapple Ice
5.Guava Ice
6.Aloe Grape
7.Sour Apple
8. Strawberry Banana
9. Banana Ice
10. Pink Lemonade

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