WARNING: This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Best Seller Type! OVNS Mega disposable vape pen is beloved by lots of vapers. Its well-designed shape makes it feel good to hold, and bright colour is very suitable for people who dare to be unique. Utilizing the special OVNS’ e-cigarette flavour formula, we have 12 flavours to choose from. You are sure to find one to suit your taste! 


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  • 5% Nicotine Salts Strength
  • Integrated 950mAh Battery
  • Unique salt nic e-juice formula
  • 12 flavors optional
  • Requires no assembly
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1. Papaya Strawberry
Sweet and sour strawberries paired with juicy and smooth papaya are the taste of a seaside holiday

2. Watermelon Cherry
The sour cherries and the sweet watermelon collide with the early summer season

3. Mango Guava
A perfect fusion of exotic guava and tropical fruits

4. Apple Peach
The sweetness of peaches and the greenness of apples blend perfectly

5. Pink Lemon
The flavor gives a humble taste of lemonade with a brief touch of berries.

6. Mango Orange Pomelo
The fantastic flavor of mango and orange pomelo

7. Pineapple Grape
Takes you into a sweet journey of summer with luscious sweet grape and sour pineapple

8. Blueberry Raspberry
A smooth juicy and sweet blend of wild blueberries with just the perfect amount of sour from the freshly picked raspberries

9. Mix Berries Ice
A blend of smooth juicy and sweet wild blueberries with ice menthol

10. Cool mint
The cold mint is like the cool Klein blue breeze from the Aegean Sea

11. Banana Ice
Rich and sweet banana flavor with a cool menthol exhale

12. Lush Ice
There is a ripe sweet and juicy watermelon taste, and a little bit of green and astringency from watermelon rind


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